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This is from Tim Syke's which I thought some of my reader's could relate to.
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  1. TEBITBY Says:

    I checked out your blog a few months ago, and now through another link I am back again. I must say that I am inspired by what I have read so far. Keep your head up and I am going to enjoy following your progress. I Love your shout outs to God! Maybe that is why I like what you write so much.

    To Your Success, PW

  2. TEBITBY Says:

    Oh duh, now to why I originally decided to comment. I love the picture and I can honestly say that is me right now!

  3. Doris Says:

    Thank you, PW, for the encouragement.

    The picture came from Tim Syke's website, so I take no credit for it, but can relate.

    I would stress that having a good trading plan that includes your trading strategies in detail to help eliminate the picture displayed in this blog entry.

    It's not a fun way to trade, nor does it help build a person's account.

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