Financial Clutter

Do you have financial clutter in your lives? I don't know about you guys, but I do.

I couple easy changes I made yesterday and today were to:

- Drop all features on my lan phone line that I wasn't using. This saves me $20/month.
- Reduce my cell minutes and text messaging on my plan because there was a gap of what I wasn't using. This saves me $30/month.
- When my eSignal comes up for renewal, that's about a savings of about $140/month.
- When my firewall and virus protection comes up for renewal, no need to renew as that's a free part of my internet provider's plan. That's a savings of $7.5/month.
- Do not renewal one of my news services as I rarely look at it. Savings of $7.5/month.

This is the cost of my gasoline bill a month that I get to save with it being basically transparent to me.

Financial clutter doesn't allow us to make room to receive more money.

As I rebuild my accounts, what plans are to pay off the smallest credit cards first as well as all the small bills, working my way up to the larger one time bills and debts. This enables me to have fewer bills to pay as well as gives me those success vibes/good feelings.

My Visa gives me back money everytime I spend $2500, so I need to transition all my bills to be paid with my Visa, as this may amount to me getting back one to two $25 Amazon gift certificates a month. This is another $300-600 back in my pocket.

As for my vitamins & supplements, finding these online rather than pay the much higher prices at the naturopaths could save me $100-200/month. There is no tax on what I'm buying and the shipment comes straight to my door, so I do not have to pay gas for the 50 mile roundtrip it takes me to pick all this stuff up bimonthly.

All I'm really doing is reallocating where I get things without it having to add more stress to my life.

As my children bring home toys from parties or get gifts, then we can take the older stuff they have and give them away. This becomes a good tax write-off, thereby putting more money in our pockets, as well as allowing others to benefit here. This gets rid of clutter from our home and keeps things from over accumulating. Way cool.
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