It's been such a challenging week that carried over into the weekend. I'll have to admit, I have a low tolerance for a lot of things and stimulation and honestly really need a vacation from things. So, I may or may not post regularly, but as I feel like it.

Now that I have a better understanding, thanks to PW, on how to upload and embed trading videos into my blog, perhaps I'll do some trading sessions of me trading live, well, record it. It will, however, have to be a small enough file as I found the test file was 128 MB for a 3 min. video, which is HUGE.

When I do a regular video from my webcam, as opposed to CamStudio, a 3 min. video is just a fraction of the 128 MB and I could probably do a 20 min. video for that same amount of time. So, we'll have to see.

My kids do not have school tomorrow and they are asleep on the couch. Two dogs are outside. The other dog is inside under the couch. Most of the laundry is done, minus the rug the dog pooped on and some towels.
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