I'd like to share some of my learnings this week with regards to timeframe. Yesterday I used the 3 min. timeframe with 1 min. entries and that was fine. I did reasonably well with 62% of my trades profitable.

Today, however, the 3 min. timeframe was just way too fast and I'm doing much better on the 15 min. timeframe.

Between yesterday and today, I had a car accident (no one hurt and no damage to my SUV). So, I'm needing to take a little time to get a grip on things. My BP is a bit elevated as I'm still a bit excitable.

Be aware of what is going on in your life and see what timeframes work for you. There are some days you may be totally insync with the market and just trading super well and can handle a lower timeframe. Other times, you may have to step back to one that is much slower.

It's all okay, as long as you're making good trades -- taking profits, letting profits run, cutting costs quickly.
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