Why Do You Trade?

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  1. Wow! Very Touching. Thank you for sharing.
    What or where are your other blogs? Such interesting stuff here.

    All the best to you.


  2. Doris Says:

    Hi Matthew,

    The trading blog is the only public blog I have. My other blogs are private, by invitation only, but mainly for people who personally know me.

    I have one that is a health/fitness blog where I share with only 1 person. Another blog where I talk about the impact of my divorce in a more personal manner. They reveal more the heart of who I am.

    My trading blog is a bit different than other blogs I've seen, but I really appreciate you reading this blog.

    It's just the past couple days, there are a lot more hits to my blog and I'm wondering why and where it's all coming from.

    I'll do my best to post more here.


  3. Hi Doris,

    Thanks for filling me in. I have just subscribed to a new premium service started by the guy who has long did the blog option addict.net.
    There was a thread on the forum there about starting with small accounts or something like that and someone gave a link to your post pointing to the account going from $200 to major returns. So I imagine many hits are coming from that direction. I didn't really dig into the details of those just yet, but I gather I gather it is a paper account for practice. (Do you practice trade these multiple $200 accounts AND real money accounts all at the same time?)
    I'm very interested in communicating with you as I am also working on a system for daytrading the ES, though I don't think I have as clearly defined a system as you.
    I've been successful so far with an overall profit, but it's probably a total of about 10-12 trades only. I'm more on a 15 minute to hourly chart, so I generally have one trade for the day when I do it. Your approach for being in and out up to 20 times in one day kind of blows my mind. But it also makes good sense. Why not use the super fast chart and cut it up all day? I just don't understand how a strategy could generate so many signals in one day.

    Indeed, I do think your blog is very unique. I love the way you lay it all on the line and don't hide who you are or have pretensions of being some big shot trader. And, of course, your story of divorce, handling the mess he left you and raising your children while staying focused is truly inspirational and touching. I can only imagine. Though it's not the same situation at all, I too feel very pulled in different directions with my career pursuit(opera) and financial pressure and such on top of my desire to trade in a consistent and disciplined way.

    Corny as it sounds, I felt last night like I just found my trading muse. Or guardian angle or something. Hope that's not too weird to share? :)

    Do what you can on the posting front. I know how difficult it can be to focus on so many different things AND keep quality blog posts coming. You've got plenty stuff up there, so I'll surely satisfy my curiosity by looking through your older posts.
    Anyway, thanks so much for sharing. Your are obviously a unique and special person. Please know that your presence is known and appreciated, even by strangers across the country. :) (I'm in NYC)

    All the best to you,


  4. Doris Says:

    Hi Matthew,

    Thank you for the wonderful reply. I'm going to address your comments in my next blog entry, shortly after I put my kids to bed, and hopefully, it will be coherent, as I've gotten less than 3 hrs of sleep since Monday morning.


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