Where Is She?

I know some of my readers are probably thinking, "What the heck kind of trading blog is this?"

Well, it's the kind of trading blog that one who is in the middle of a divorce with young kids, single parenting, managing business, etc. is going.

I just haven't had time to really keep up with this blog right now as there are more pressing matters, so check back periodically. I have not been doing any funded trading, just periodic real time unfunded trades as well as backtesting.

Right now, I'm mainly working on the psychological aspects of trading and how to better assimilate real life into my trading and not let it negatively impact my trading and profitability. Setup and execution are really important. It is taking weeks, months. I am in this for the long haul.

There was a time I was grasping at straws and slipping on unstable ground. So, now I am working to establish that solid ground to keep my footing, and to work on creating a good core, so that I can effectively use those stabilizer muscles to help me keep my footing. There is a lot of stuff going on and it is my learning that many people do not set themselves up properly for success in trading. They think they can just jump right in and do well. Maybe in the short-term you can gain success, but I'm learning for the long haul, you have to establish the right things to take off.

I've been working on better managing the business aspect of trading such as legalities and soon will be delving into the accounting and taxation part more, as these are critical.
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