Expiration Week

This week is expiration week and there are some really great deals out there if you play it right -- either in the spreads or buying arena. For the buying, daytrading is best, IMHO. Even within the day, time value is being sucked out, but it depends upon what is happening, too. Higher volatility can keep the time value of the option still up for a time, which if you're in spreads, not desirable.

I'm back to focusing on trading again. Kids are in camp, and minus taking them daily to camp, my days are now able to spend mainly on trading. Yay!!! Keeping my positions few (1-2) and small (1 contract), until I consistently am profitable again.

The stocks I'm looking at are: AAPL, X, FSLR, POT, BIDU

Others are: MA, CME, GOOG, MON, MOS

I know, the list looks all too familiar, right?
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