Precision Trading

My trading coach is taking me to a new level. He is amazing and I'm really soaking the information he's giving me up. I'm having very clear entries and exits now and I know exactly why. The things that I used to just blow over are now very important, which gives me clues as to what is happening, as to what the professionals and institutional people are doing. That, of course, is hugely important.

I've included one more indicator in what I'm using, so here are all the indicators I use:

- Price Action
- Moderate Bollinger Band settings (18, 1.9)
- Faster Parbolic Sars
- Moving Averages (10, 20, 50, 200 EMA)
- RSI (either 7 or 14)
- Volume (5 and 21 EMA)
- MACD (12, 26, 9)

You must be able to define your entries and exits very well and stick with them. Your exits will be like your entries, just the flip of it. If you're in bullish, then your exit is about a bearish entry. Does that make sense? It basically boils down to that, but a little bit different.

I'm learning doji's are not indecisive candles, rather there are movements by professionals to hide what they are doing, as they already know which direction they are loading up on. They are just either shaking out sellers or buyers (depending on the direction) before moving where they are loading up on.

I have pages of notes, and they are not exactly organized. Perhaps when I can organize them and begin trading this way funded, I'll share some of those things. A lot of work ahead of me.
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