Boy, there is a lot of paperwork involved in opening a futures account, especially if you're a company. Anyway, the hang up right now is that my driver's license picture isn't coming through very well. Everything else looks good. Go figure.

The past few days, I haven't been funding too many options trades as I've been actively working on understanding the trading platform of where I will be trading futures with (the eminis), namely the YM and ES.

This is a different way of trading and I will continue to use my moving averages, volume, bollingers, trend lines, support/resistances, but I'm adding parabolic sars as well as RSI. Beyond these, I think this is MORE than enough.

Been working out the kinks of the platform and really glad I didn't go funded yet as I've made some errors. One HAS to get these nuances down pat before funded trading or this can be very costly.

I've been teaming up with 1-2 other futures traders who are somewhat new to the game also where there is some guidance from other futures traders who are far more experienced. Learning a lot.

Leverage is the thing that I really here and I like the price factor. It is what it is instead of this other thing called decay.

Anyway, today has been a fun, interesting, learning day. I'm tired and need to get to bed early to get enough rest.

More to come at some point in time.

I continue with the 5 $200 accounts and will have updates hopefully this coming weekend.
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