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I only have a few minutes. Today I did make trades on all five $200 accounts, but I was not organized to enter the trades for my credit spreads, so that will wait until tomorrow.

On Wed, I'm going on an all day field trip with my daughter to a dairy farm and on Thurs, I have legal work. Fridays I usually do not usually trade much, as that's the day I spend with my 4 yr old son, volunteering for my daughter's school. It's basically kids' day. The only Friday I won't abide by that is Expiration Friday. That is just too good to pass up.

Today, ISRG, FSLR, RIMM, and WYNN all were bearish. I got into bearish trades for all the stocks and am still in my positions. FSLR is a very nice trade as I got in at $1.50 and my option is over $5.

Now, the logic on these 4 stocks, I sort of used intraday, but I was overall looking at the daily chart. Things look pretty bearish. WYNN really didn't go anywhere with my option. RIMM and ISRG moved some, but not huge. Though percentage wise, RIMM was about 50% and ISRG was about 30% ROI at the close of market.

What important regarding the $200 is the quicker you can get the account to a higher amount into over $1K, the better it is. Not like you can predict which stocks are really going to take off or not.

As with BIDU, my favorite stock for now. It was both bullish AND bearish today. Better for daytrading.
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