Pointing Out

I would like to point out though I did well on BIDU's $200 Account, it doesn't mean I will do well on the other 4 I am starting tomorrow. Four may be too many, so we'll have to see. This is a learning process for me.

Just in case you didn't read my comments from some other comments, I've found the best conditions for me to trade are when I'm relaxed and focused, not dwelling on the money (size of account, how much I need to make, etc). Rather, I am focusing on making good trades.

I never know when the stock will just momentumously take off, or if it will putter around where I may only be able to grab small bits and pieces here and there. Money is still money and if I'm given a profit, it's still a profit.

This is a game and sometimes I do get faked out, other times, I'm right in sync with what's happening. Another key is to remain as neutral as possible. It "LOOKS" like it's doing this, and so you trade that. Keep your opinions out of the trade. It may look like it's bearish and then all of a sudden be bullish. Keep neutral and go with the flow.

You also need to realize when it's a pullback or reversal, which are very different and you'll need to have a plan of attack for each of these. If you're wrong, okay, you're wrong. Do something about it. Do not HOPE. Hope = Dope in trading.

These very things I'm writing about are very things I have learned multiple times. Will I avoid doing this again, probably not, but the times of me doing these are fewer and fewer. The market and market makers are NOT against you. In most cases, unless you're some super trader that is impacting the market (which most of us aren't), we're the easy ones to deal with. My number of shares and contracts does not impact the market. We're just bystanders.
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