More $200 Accounts

I'd like to try my hand and add 2-3 more $200 practice accounts and see where I get with them. I'd like to see stocks that are momentum stocks above $100 that move quite a bit in a day with at least an Average True Range for the past 20 days that is greater than $10.

It came back for 7 stocks:

1. FLSR - nice intraday moves, high volumes
2. CME - very nice intraday moves, good volumes
3. RTP - not very clean intraday
4. ISRG - some days are very nice, clean intradays, but some days indecisive, good volumes
5. FFH - intraday volumes too low
6. BIDU - choppy intraday moves, high volumes
7. GOOG - okay intraday moves, high volumes

What to choose? I do like trading FLSR, CME, GOOG. I've never traded FFH. ISRG is a hit & miss with me. I've done a little RTP.

I'm inclined to do GOOG, since this is a wonderful stock and it's right now trading in the low 400's. BIDU is in the mid 200's and I'll continue that account.

Any preference towards one more in that group?

Okay, I'm going to choose FSLR & ISRG in this group. My original thought was to do CME, but there are many traders who have a difficult time stomaching the moves of CME, so ISRG is less gut wrenching.


I also wanted to look at some lower priced stocks in the $75 - $99.99 range that have great momentum and an ATR (20) > $4.

The following stocks were returned to me:

1. FCX - metal mining sector, okay daily and intraday
2. WYNN - Casino/gambling, nice daily and intraday (as much as I hate this stock, the traders are very disciplined with this stock)
3. SNP - oil, doing really care for daily or intraday charts
4. HDB - financials sector, intraday charts are a yawner
5. SHLD - retail sector, boring price charts
6. ATW - oil sector, nice price chart
7. ITRI - same sector as RIMM, but RIMM has a greater ATR value
8. RIMM - This is my favorite out of this group to trade

I'd probably choose WYNN and RIMM to trade of these 8 stocks. Let's put my hand at this and see over the next month what I can return from each of these stocks starting at $200 each on Monday.


This will give me 5 stocks to daytrade (starting off, that won't be the case). They all have reasonable daily and intraday patterns.


These stocks are all in different market sectors, so let's see how these fair.
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