Crick In Neck

My spirits, despite the stuff going on in my divorce, as I put my focus on Christ and not myself and my circumstances, has been progressively getting better. However, this morning, as I awoke, there was this crick in my neck that gave me shooting pains down the left side near my scapula. Granted, I don't think Satan just caused this and perhaps the exercise I've done the past few days, not enough stretching, sleep deprivation and stress that this is the culmination.

Anyway, I attempted to papertrade and after 3 costs and 1 profit (smaller), which is the total opposite of my normal trading, I decided this wasn't good for me to keep papertrading and dropping that particular account down.

This crick hurts like the dickens and making me feel very nauseated. Sigh, another day of non-funded trading. There was a part of me that did awake feeling anxious about my trading.

So, these are non-ideal situations to trade in. If my papertrading isn't going so well, there is no way I should be trading with real funds. That's a sure sign for disaster. Doesn't matter how good the opportunities are, not a wise decision. There are daily opportunities to make money with the stocks I trade, and right now, it's only BIDU.

It's best to wait.
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