Wow, I can't help but see dollar signs in my eyes at BSC, if you've been shorting this, had puts, a or a Bull Put Spread on this. I know for those who just had regular stock in BSC, calls, they are in some deep doo doo.

JP Morgan buying for $2 a share? Some people are going to be cashing in big on this and others may want to commit suicide.

BSC was never a stock that I really loved to trade of all the financials. Mine were more GS and LEH. When I was trading BSC, it was in the last 2006, early 2007.

This is just a candlestick overview (also with my trend lines on it) of the S&P 500 of the last couple years. It truly amazes me with all the millions of traders and trillions of dollars going through the market that there could be such cohesiveness in the traders. It's unbelievable, yet it works.

I just wanted to put this in a line graph to show the M of the past few days. It broke through the midpoint and is a confirmation to the downside. HOWEVER, in the next chart, it shows that 1275 is a major point, as it's come down near this several times in the past week to test this area.

Next points down are 1245, 1220ish, 1185, 1170, 1145, 1104, 1086ish, 1060, 945, 850, 770. Well, even though I'm very bearish on the market, if it honestly dropped to 770 this week, we're probably in pretty big trouble as that would send a huge panic to drop 500 points on the S&P in a week. Anything is possible, though.

Of course, if it dropped huge, which could be like 200-500 points, I would expect the market to attempt to rally some, causing for huge, huge volatility and great fear in the market. Well, what do I know. Just speculating.

Play what is happening and keep one's opinions out. It's always interesting to see what will happen after I put these numbers out there BEFORE anything happens.

I was reading something online about perhaps tomorrow being Black Monday? What an opportunity to trade.

Another Fed rate cut to 3.25%? You know, when all this is said and done, maybe the Feds will be eventually giving us money in that it will be in the negative? j/k

It was interesting to see what the S&P Futures were doing. They rallied a little before on Sunday and came tumbling down afterwards. Right now, as I write this, they are settling to where they ended near on Friday.
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