200 Accounts: BIDU, FSLR, ISRG, RIMM, WYNN

BIDU: Basically in the 6th week of this $200 account, I doubled what it ended with the week before, which was about $9.5K. It's now at $19K. This was a net 100% ROI.

FLSR: This stock had some REALLY nice trades to start off the first week. I ended with just under $2.9K. That is over 1350% ROI in the first week. Awesome. It would've been even better had I closed out the trade on the first day as it began to tank, but gapped up on Tuesday.

ISRG: There were 5 trades for ISRG, each not making a lot, but in relation to the $200 amount, it still was good. However, when one's account is that small, it sure impacts greatly. Thankfully I got my commissions reduced by $2 per transaction, so round trip, that saves me $4. That is huge for a $200 account. One of the trades was over $400, which is double the starting amount. I ended the first week at $825, which is over 300% net ROI.

RIMM: It would've helped me greatly to have gotten out of RIMM the first day, as it was nicely going down, but gapped up on Tues, which was against my position. The profits I would've had on Monday were given back. My first trade was costing, which it wasn't. In a volatile market, sometimes holding overnight just doesn't pay, and other times, you totally cash out. This time, my guess was wrong and it cost me. After 1st week, this is over 200% ROI, which is still excellent.

WYNN: It's good out of these five $200 accounts that I do have one account that would be a greater challenge to increase. My first trade really bit the dust. It cost me more than half my account. Thank goodness I did not utilize the whole account's $200, otherwise it would be worse and I would have to probably scrap this particular account. After 1st Wk, -30% ROI.

In each of these $200, you do need the stocks to move a great deal in a short period of time to build up the account. Once the account is probably above $10K, it's much better in building the account dollarwise, so as long as you continually manage your risk. As the account size gets bigger, I do go closer to ATM in my options. Though the ROI will be less, that's fine because the stock doesn't have to move as much for me to make money.

When you start with $200, you have to go pretty far out of the money with your options, which requires the stock to really have to move a lot. It can even more a lot in your favor and your option may not move due to time value being sucked out of the option. So, quick, large moves in your favor help you when buying way OTM options.

As a side note, in the past, I'd always done well with practice trading WYNN, but never with real money. I vowed that now matter how well casino stocks do, I would not actually put real money on any of them. Thank goodness this is a practice account. Honestly, I do not think God really wants me to make money with any casino stocks, or maybe this is my own psychological talking myself into this? Anyhow, there are many stocks that one can do well on and make money.

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2 Responses
  1. TEBITBY Says:

    This is the original link that brought me to your blog. Someone posted the link in a www.optionaddict.net forum. This was an interesting expirement and one I am interested in since I just blew through a $1000. Did you stop trading this strategy or do you still do it? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


  2. ongkaili Says:

    its amazing what you do... cheers!

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