$200 Accounts (20-Mar-2008): BIDU, FSLR, ISRG, RIMM, WYNN

These are 5 practice accounts. A few posts back I set what the criteria of my charts are.

BIDU: When BIDU moves, some really good money can be made. If it's going sideways, you need to have your entries time well.

Starting Amount = $19,069.90
Ending Amount = $37,989.75 (18,895% net ROI)

FSLR: This week had some beautiful run ups and downs. If you are a swing trader trading FSLR, it's not too exciting, but daytrading was sure nice.

Starting Amount = $2,886.70
Ending Amount = $7,979.30 (3,888% net ROI)

ISRG: Looking at the overall intraday trading chart, this seemed like a very easy stock to trade this week. I was able to more than double what I started with this week. Very awesome. Trading this swing wouldn't have been too bad.

Starting Amount = $825.50
Ending Amount = $2,921.50 (1,361% net ROI)

RIMM: This stock was fairly easy to trade the past 3 days. Not a lot of entries and exits. Just staying a little out of the way so the stock can work and when you allow that, it sometimes DOES pay off. However, RIMM can also be a very whipsawy stock if you're a swing trader. Daytrading, the moves seem very clean cut the past 3 days. Monday was iffy.

Starting Amount = $660.30
Ending Amount = $2,744.20 (1,272% net ROI)

WYNN: This stock was not as easy to trade for me as ISRG and RIMM. Last week when my first trade cost me over half my account, it has been a challenge to increase the amount. However, I was able to increase my starting amount to almost 600% of what I started with this week, which was excellent and better than I did with the rest of the stocks. However, the dollar amount may not be impressive, but the % return from the starting amount is. Though I gained almost $19K this week from BIDU, that was actually only 100% gain. 600% would've had me well into a 6-digit dollar amount and that, would've meant taking some unnecessary risks. No thank you.

Starting Amount = $140.40
Ending Amount = $906.10 (353% net ROI)


It's always easier to see what you should've done in trading AFTER the fact. I'm still working on refining my entries & exits. There are times I give some leeway and other times, I don't. How do you know when?

One of the things of concern for me is my option buying power. That is limited. I am looking forward to getting into futures trading as this will not be a factor, which greatly reduces my overall risk in a position. As a good chart reader, I often would not like to stay in a position, rather I would just jump out than to let it retrace. When it decides whether it wants to retrace or reverse, THEN I can jump in again. This would also be in smaller moves.

There is still much to learn. Keep it simple.
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