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Okay, there is a lot to write about. This week I have traded all 3 days. And I continue my $200 BIDU account to see where it is at.

I will attempt over the weekend to give a summary of each of the trades. Note, this is just practice, but I figure most people can relate to $200 and if you know what you're doing, you can eventually grow this very well.

This account I started on 2/4/08 with $200. On 2/13/08 it now is at $2,463.37, which is over 1100% return, which is in 8 trading days. A couple trades have gone against me with costs and at no time did I ever use the whole trading account's capital in any one trade. Some of the trades I did in my real funded account, just different strike prices. My goal is to see where I can take this account in 1 month. I currently do have 1 position that is being held overnight for earnings on purpose.

I am physically feeling better, but still somewhat tired and this nagging cough. My daughter is feeling well. Sean, my 4 yr old son, is feverish again and sick again now for the 3rd week in a row. Please pray for his complete full recovery. He went to bed very early this evening. Poor little guy.

This is expiration Friday, so I plan on trading, though, both my kids are home from school as there is no school for either on Friday or Monday. I will greatly need to be very focused so as to not incur any costs from distractions.
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