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I apologize to my readers for not updating my blog in the past week plus. Things have been nuts and I did take most of last weekend off to just have fun and relax. There are many things going on in my life right now that would not be good for me to publically write, and would you, as my readers really care? Of course you do, to some extent, but the purpose of this blog is for trading.

How have I been doing?

Without going into lengthy details, we are upon earnings as well as expiration week.

Yesterday I did well in trading, taking only profits. Today I did not fair so well and took only costs. Actually, today I was beaten pretty bloody and am left feeling discouraged. BUT, I do understand where I went wrong.

In a market where there is a great deal of indecision, what I'm learning for very bearish or bullish days, you really want to just take all your positions off the table. You often either get a great deal of indecision or a reversal and that can really wipe out any profits. Such was the case with me.

As my trading coach has told me, either keep very far back or keep a short leash on your positions. Today's lessons were pretty painful.

I did close out on a number of spread positions and I won't have the final tally of how these went until next week. This weekend is pretty busy with having 4 parties to attend and sleepovers at my house of my kids' friends. What did I sign myself up for? Hopefully I won't be too frazzled to trade next week.

There are also other emotional things going on for me, so I should trade even more cautiously and maybe only do 1-2 positions. I am getting some help from a professional trader and that extra set of eyes and experience is certainly helping. He's an excellent trader and I'm gaining a lot of insights from him, which I hope to share here if I can get my act together to do so.

Until then, happy trading. Remember, manage your risk of all your positions in this volatile, uncertain market. Keep a sharp eye on things, and relax.
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