Today I made a huge mistake in trading. I allowed my son the choice to go to his gym class or not. Instead, I should've forced him to go. Though these were practice trades, him being home cost me money in my trades today.

Not sure about others, but I can put phone calls on silent, ignore IM's or emails to trade, but when you have a 4 yr old at home in constant need of attention, whining and being disruptive, this has totally thrown my game off today. And, today was such a great trading opportunity as it's expiration Friday and volatility is good.

Was in for a quick daytrade on BIDU the last 1.5 hrs of the trading day, but as I was waiting to get out of the trade, Sean became very disruptive and distracting and my attention diverted to him and in that 2 minutes, BIDU reversed the profits became costs.

Honestly, Sean's whininess and perhaps my not feeling physically 100% today combination made for a costly day in the market. Yes, earlier this week I made some huge profits on some of my spread trades, but having to give some back over stuff like this does upset me.

It really was my fault and not my 4 yr old's fault. He just always would rather be with me or I should've just closed out my trades yesterday and not started any new ones today. My error.
5 Responses
  1. john Says:

    Best not to ever allow distractions.

  2. john Says:

    or just close a trade out if a distraction is necessary - regardless of whether position s against you or not

  3. Allan B Says:

    every loss puts you close to a win. learn the lesson and keep on swinging.

  4. Doris Says:

    Thank you John and Allan for the comments.

    Today, Tues, is a new trading day. And, I am working on minimizing distractions. Young children and divorce proceedings bring an element to the table in terms of distractions I have not yet mastered.

  5. blogger Says:
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