Though yesterday was a very bullish day in the market for many stocks, volatility remained fairly high, so that makes me wonder if the sentiment that we will be bullish for a little bit is very skeptical.

I apologize once again for not posting very often.

Many stocks were at compression patterns. Monday and Wednesday I got put into 4 trades (bullish) on RIMM, AAPL, GRMN, and VMW and these broke out of their patterns. I am in small, as the past 3 months of having been whipsawed a lot has left me feeling a bit drained.

My trading coach was able to 1:1 encourage me, which helped me, as he was feeling it, too. Not that I'm happy about that, but made me feel as if I was not alone and that what I was going through that I was not alone.

Since I'm taking profits in smaller increments in a volatile market, here are how I will play my positions.

RIMM: 0.40 trailing stop @ 123.50

The bottom of this trading range is about $113. I would get back in if it stays above this (bullish).

AAPL: 0.40 trailing stop @ 181.50

The bottom of the trading range is about $175, which would be another good entry point for bullish.

GRMN: 0.40 trailing stop @ 109.50

If this pullsback, I'll get back in and reload. It's had 4 days up, so retracement is likely.

VMW: 0.40 trailing stop @ 90.75

With all these stocks, under normal lower volality markets, I would not do trailing stops at these locations and would wait until they get closer to their targets, but I cannot stomach all the whipsaws and am choosing to take smaller profits, which is better than costs.
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