Well, I got taken out of these 3 trades yesterday as my contingencies for trailing stops were hit. I chose not to get back in yet today and will wait until Monday as I had things going on that wouldn't allow me to watch the market. I was $0.25 off on GRMN, otherwise I would've been taken out of that trade, too.

Today I reset a hard stop for GRMN at $105. Today is the 2nd day of testing. I expect 2-4 days of testing for this before resuming, so I may just tighten my stop on Monday to take profits, just in case it decides to pullback more. I can reload again at a better price.

The 3 days seminar I was supposed to be at, I canceled. Attended the first day yesterday and the information was very superficial. They did talk about trading, but it was pretty lame. To spend 8-hrs not talking about anything that I could walk away with was not a good thing, so I chose not to go back. Plus, they would not allow me to have my laptop up during the seminar, which when they marketed for the class, they encouraged us to bring our laptops.

I called and complained to the company and asked for a refund, which I will be getting in 7-10 business days.

Perhaps if I have some time over the weekend, I will share a bit about a conversation between Ryan and I had regarding trading during volatile, indecisive markets and how to minimize damage.
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