Missed Opportunities?

Today looks to have been a good day to trade the stocks I normally trade and I wasn't in the game. Darn. But, since markets have been fairly indecisive and I would be out getting necessary things done today, I was not willing to put on any positions and not be able to watch them. C'est la vie.

Cash is still cash and there are more opportunities that await.

Today I took a 1-hr teleseminar where the speaker spoke about NLP (neuro linguistics programming, I believe that's what it stands for). He talked about "money blocks".

What are some of these things?

Just to recap some of what was discussed, he talked about what we believe to be true can indeed be true, whether it is or not. We can choose to reframe our beliefs.

The things that spoke to me were:
  • Do I show up INVISIBLE?
  • Is my UNcomfort zone too big?
  • Am I being powerful?
  • If I'm powerful, how do I effectively utilize that power?
  • Do I deserve . . .?
  • Do I compare myself with others?
  • Am I disapointed in myself?
  • What are my "false" beliefs about money?
  • What is my relationship with money?
  • Is it really hard to make money?
  • Why can't I keep money?
  • Can I make money work for me?

He had us do a couple mental/physical exercises: 1) River of Quick Silver; 2) Circle of Power.

Not really sure if I gained anything out of either of those 2 things, but it did give me ideas to use a different energy psychology method called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) on that I learned May'01 and have been using it on/off for the past 6+ years. It has been fairly effective with helping me break many addictions, phobia, fears, obsessions, bad habits. Though, I probably could've had greater and quicker success had I used a good therapist to better redirect me.

Anyway, those might be some of my impedences. I AM a skilled chartist with really good risk management. But, subconsciously, there may be some things blocking me from experiencing the full potential of my trading. So, I'll explore.

Tomorrow I will continue to practice trade, and still have a number of appointments and errands to run. It's better to take a few days off from trading than to force myself to trade and make mistakes. So, in reality, I did not miss any opportunities.

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  1. Allan B Says:

    Try exploring which trading time frame suits your persona.
    RIMM, GOOG, AAPL and BIDU are all getting to launch off their respective 50MA. For the next month, fund one. Play it long...play it short, i.e., play it both up and down using an hourly chart. Practice the others on a 15 minute...a 5 minute and a daily. The intent is to find out which time frame suits your rythmn...whether it be 5, 15 min, hourly or daily. If I were to guess, I'll bet you are more efficient (profitable) using hourly charts. Have fun. :-)
    OH...happy thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family. You have many reasons to be thankful for with trading stocks being one of them.

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