My style of trading is more short-term or swing trend trading. Learning to successfully daytrade has been quite a challenge. Trend trading works great in trending markets, whether up or down. However, in indecisive, highly volatile markets, daytrading would be more appropriate, unless you want to sit on the sidelines.

To say I haven't gotten beaten and bloody in the past 2.5 months, that would be an understatement. There have been some days that I honestly felt I didn't know anything about what I was doing and perhaps that I should just throw in the towel and go back to engineering, back to a career I absolutely hated.

Then, I look at my children, how beautiful they are and how God has been so good to me to bless me with them. They deserve to have a mommy that doesn't give up and willing to work through this to be successful at this.

For me, trading isn't about money and having "things". It's about freedom with my time, to have quality and quantity time. It's about freedom to be here for my children when they need me, to be able to be involved with their schools, in their lives, to know their friends and the homes they come from. It's freedom from the Corporate slavery and political BS of egos.

Why can't I make a million in the next year? What's it going to take? How do I rise above the challenges in my life? Successful people make no excuses. They rise above their challenges no matter what.

Something that has been occurring has been very humbling. To say trading has been easy is a total lie, because it hasn't been. You should see the bruises I've gotten. The market is no respector of people and it doesn't care that I want freedom with my time or whom I'm doing this for. I don't have to beat the market, just learn to peacefully co-exist with it.

It's been awhile since I shared anything about my faith, so I will here. It's only by the grace of God that today I am still able to trade. Will I tomorrow or in a week? I have no idea. Live to trade another day is a motto my broker told me quite some time ago. Since then, I've heard and read it numerous times.

I've been successful in trend trading, but the markets have not been as good here for me, so as market conditions change, I must adapt my trading to meet changing markets. I'll take Monday to practice daytrading, which honestly, I have not done, but I have daytraded. Isn't that nuts? I broke a rule of my trading - never trade a strategy until I've successfully practiced it. Duh!!!

Okay, so now I recognized I erred and am correcting it.

Oh, back to my faith (sorry if this sounds ADDish. I'm not). God has really been working out my character, squashing pride and host of other issues and fleshing out the icky characteristics that are undesirable to Him. It's been so humbling. But, God is good, very good.

Not only has trading been rough, but I've been hit in a number of other personal areas that have left me often crying out to God, asking Him when will all this pain end. Have I reached a "support"? Are we at a "morning star"? I hope so.

The past couple weeks, God has been teaching me about community, true community. Many friends from all over the world, my church, my family have reached out to help me in various areas of my life to help me through these times. THESE things impact my trading.

Many tears have been shed, but this weekend, I got to shed some tears of joy. My spirit has felt very beaten, but my physical body needed refreshment. Some people have reached out to me in some very practical ways to help me, to serve me, and I am so grateful. So, there is now a little more energy, hope, and I'm once again getting back on the horse, being focused.

No matter what. No matter how great of a chartist I am, God ultimately is my Provider. The stock market is just a tool in His Provision. I have great hope in God, but that is not the same "hope" that I talk about in trading. I do not trade on hope, rather what I see on the price chart. God equips me to be able to read the price chart.

So, I will put for the work, but it will be God that helps pave the path to help me to stay focused, to fight and champion the giants in my lives so I can successfully trade. It's a teamwork thing and He wants my cooperation. God is extraordinary, so amazing.

I truly love trading, and I believe God has given me a gift to do this. I also believe He helps me to be able to explain things in a fairly easy manner, and to relate.

Anyway, it's getting late and I need to hit the sack. God bless you all.
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