RIG: It's broken out of the major & minor resistance of the trends it has been in. Today would've been a good entry for both, but if not, a bracket is set. It is a blue bracket which means those are pivot points and depending on what is happening at those points, you would get in.

Upside target @ 140. Downside target @ 114.50.

Which options? ATM if it goes through 130, Dec130C = 6.10 x 6.40. Fair Value = 6.54, so the options are fairly priced. This price is at 129.64.

If the stock comes back and bounces off 127 to the upside, the Dec130C will be less by $2-3.

If the stock goes down through 127 to the downside, Dec125P = 3.60 x 3.90. Fair Value = 4.02. Options are at a slight bargain. This price is @ 129.64.

GRMN: Looks like it's coming off support. Today would've been a better day to get in. If it decides to pullback and bounce back up, there are 2 brackets, depending on what it does. See the lines for the targets.

ATM option pricing for Dec are at a slight bargain.

VMW: This also is a blue bracket. The traders for VMW are very disciplined. Since it's also in the middle of the trend trading range, use caution. My indicators say bearish, but I would play this neutrally.

ATM options for Dec are fairly priced.

AAPL: Of these 5 stocks, AAPL is my least favorite because of where it's at. It just broke above the 190 resistance, so that is a good sign. However, my indicators of MACD, RSI, Stoch show it's overbought. However, it can continue to be bullish. The rest of my indicators seem bullish.

Upside Target @ 201. Downside Target @ 178. Within it's trend, it's sort of in the middle, which I would prefer it to be at support or resistance of the trend.

Dec APPL options for ATM are bargains - wholesale.


So, of these 4 stocks, AAPL and GRMN ATM Dec options (both calls and puts) are at bargains. AAPL being more of a bargain. VMW and RIG are fairly priced, so not at a bargain, but also not retail.
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