Chart: CMI

CMI: Today was a good entry for CMI, but tomorrow can be another 2nd entry. See chart for targets for the upside and downside, bracket. All my indicators look very bullish, but it's best to trade neutrally.

1 strike OTM options for Dec are at a bargain.
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  1. da2rth Says:
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  2. Anonymous Says:

    see my "Setting Traps". hope all is well. :-)

  3. da2rth Says:

    here's my end of the year play. :-)
    These stocks are seeking support at 50MA. Once they get to the 50MA, I expect a bounce back up to 50%Fib...then it will retrace back down to test the 50MA again...then back up with a breakout to next bull target...i.e. up/down/up (UDU) Each bullish trigger are set just above the 50ma with stops just below the 50ma.
    Pattern: Up...down...up (UDU)
    RIMM - Bullish trigger @ 106.50. Stop @ 103.50. Target=119.
    Pattern: UDU = 39 points
    ISRG - Bullish trigger @ 258.70. Stop @ 255.70. Target=283.
    Pattern: UDU = 120 points
    CME, BIDU, AAPL and FCX are all in this pattern. If this works out, what a play to end an already great year!!!

  4. Doris V Says:

    Hi Allan,

    I'm sorry I missed this comment. My bad.

    Yes, that would be great if you could end the year with those plays.

    Lately I've been having some problems with trend trading with the high volatility and indecisiveness of the market.

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