I apologize for not really posting much to my blog. Life has been very busy as I continue to work through my situation.

What has trading been like? Since I'm a trend trader, that should probably tell you some about how this indecisive market is impacting me. I've had profitability, but many more costs and have been whipsawed many times.

It's left me feeling a bit beaten, bloody, and discouraged. Though this week has been net profitable for me, it hasn't been without its scars. So, today I decided to take the day off and just workout, spend it with my kids and relax.

Will post some charts later this weekend of things I'm looking at.
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  1. muckdog Says:

    Hey Doris... I think the "MyBlogLog" widget is messing up the formatting on the blog.

    Love the flying birds on the banner, btw.

    The market volatility has been crazy lately. Up huge. Down huge. If one could only time the swings beforehand. Does make it hard to day trade the trend, though. I've taken a longer term point of view and am not making short-term trades. Just buying when we're here near (what I think is) the bottom of the range, and hoping that a rising tide carries me higher.

    Ha. Good luck...

  2. Anonymous Says:
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  3. Doris V Says:

    Hi Muckdog,

    The formatting when I logged in looks like it should to me, so not exactly sure what you saw. Hope it's okay now.

    Thanks regarding the banner.

    Daytrading has been a bit of a challenge as it requires a certain temperament. Not sure how long all this indecisiveness will take, but the need to make cashflow is something of mine.

    I have practiced traded the way I traded tens of thousands of trades and it works in trending markets. However, daytrading is much different, and I haven't really done a lot of hardcore daytrading practicing, which I think that's where I'm going wrong.

    Over the next couple weeks, I'll take my TOS paper account and daytrade it and see how that goes. I'll apply similar techniques, just in much shorter timeframes.

    Are you a trend trader also? Are you a chartist? What is your style of trading?


  4. muckdog Says:

    I'm using Firefox browser, so maybe that's why it's a bit messy.

    I trade intermediate time frames. I suppose from a TA point of view, I use charts but also sentiment indicators. Also the Fed cycle and tax policy.

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