MORN: This was just a stock I saw someone mention in a group I was in and just decided to take a look at it. It gets into these long compression patterns that make it uninteresting to me, however, if you want to wait that long, it could be worth it for you.

QQQQ: For those who like to trade the Qs, here is my chart updated with additional targets (possible pivot points). Note it's been in a very solid trend.

RIMM: Yes, I did do a strangle on it. Though the stock moved around $13, it was just break even for me in my Oct120C. I still have 2 weeks before expiration, and if it continues to move up, I may make some money on it. One of the things I don't like about strangles is the side you need to overcome, which is why I rarely do them. I do love RIMM, though, and if this was pre-split, it would've been a $36-39 move, which is almost as good as last earnings. So, there is still some time and neither of my calls or puts cost too much to put on this strangle.

AAPL: This just did another breakout. The indicators look good for this to continue bullish, so if I were to enter tomorrow, I'd enter above the close of Friday or on a pullback going back through the close of Friday. It is looking to be overbought, but who knows, it can just keep going, so I'd play this to the upside until the stock tells me otherwise.

CHL: Someone in another group asked me to look at this stock and I thought since I did the chart on this, why not just put it here in my blog? Though the traders of this stock are very disciplined, the candles of this stock do no visually appeal to me as something I would be too interested in trading, but, the volumes and price ranges do look appealing. This stock is losing momentum and is also in overbought territories.

CMI: I like trading CMI. Will it continue? I don't know, but my stop is as on the chart. It seems Friday was an indecisive day, though the market was doing well.

FRPT: This stock, because of its price range, does not appeal to me, but maybe it would to someone reading this blog. This stock was also one that someone else was interested in another group I'm in and since I did the chart analysis on it, thought I just might post it here, too. Also bracketed it for potential entries to the upside and downside.
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