Stock Chart: CME, BA, DO, BIDU, GOOG, MA, RIG

CME: This is a Rising 3 Method. All indicators are very bullish. Bollinger Bands very much spreading. Love it.

BA: See chart for trend support. It's reached overbought and has reversed. Looks like a bearish play to me, but I'd bracket it to play the downside below Friday's close, but if it decides to go bullish, I'd take a very small position @ 103.50.

DO: Trading into a Descending Wedge. See chart for bracket. Looks bearish, but I'll let the stock tell me what it wants to do.

BIDU: This looked like a Rising 3 or Mat Hold was forming, but the doji sort of confused me here. It's gained $100 in the past 3 weeks of trading and I see the $400 range as the next target, which is around $70 away. Maybe it's just taking a rest before going the rest of the way.

GOOG: This also looks like a Rising 3, but it's indicators show overbought and could stand a pullback. $600 is the number it needs to break for me to enter bullish. It would have to break below $580 for me to enter bearish. In between $580-600, I'd pretty much stay out of it as I don't want to get whipsawed.

MA: Everything looks bullish to me, but it may decide to have a pullback. I see $173-174 as the upside target.

RIG: It's at a pivot point and it's also in a rectangular compression pattern. See chart for upside and downside entries.
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