End Of The Day Trading

One of the good things about my style of trading is that you can make your decisions after the markets are closed and either call it in to your broker or electronically manage your risk yourself.

I know it seems like excuses and perhaps some of the other traders who are able to maintain good blogs seem to be able to trade and do trading stuff all the time, but as for me, that isn't the case.

We are given one life and to make the most of it. Sure, I do love sitting in front of the computer and doing my trading work, sharing it with others. However, as a mommy of young children, I want to spend as much time as I can with them, while still earning a good living. If I were to really devote the time needed, I could probably make significantly more than what I am, but I am making enough to support my family and living. What good is a lot of money if you have a sucky quality of life.

How I define part of my quality of life is health, relationships, fitness, and standard of living. There must be a balance of all those things. Perhaps the other blogs don't look at any of those, just trading. BUT, that is a very real part of my life and it DOES impact my trading.

I've been calling in my stops and positions I want to take to my broker on the days I'm unable to be at the computer. So far, it's been 3 of the past 4 trading days.

Today I got to meet an icon of mine in the business world - Loral Langemeier. It was a thrill to hear her speak and to get to speak 1:1 with her for a short period of time. She is an amazing business person and her style of business resonates very well with me. This was one of the things my husband knew that I loved doing - listening and learning from people like her. He saw an opportunity and though things aren't well between he and me, he gave me this opportunity to hear her speak and meet her. What a blessing that was for me, and how grateful I am for his thoughtfulness here.


Saturday I should have some time and look for some stocks who are in compression patterns and I'll set some of these trades up and then we will just wait for the break outs.

I'll also look for earnings candidates and perhaps put some potential earnings plays out there.

No promises as things are constantly dynamic in my household and we have to roll with the punches.

You do not need boatloads of stocks to make decent money. A handful of good moving stocks with which you understand and know the trading patterns and can execute properly, can afford you a decent lifestyle without being super stressed. Sure, if you want to make multi-millions, that will be a bit different in work than say making $100K, $50K or $250K. It's up to you what you want to make. The market has the money, so let's go get it!!
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