Credit Spreads

This weekend I'm going over some things I have on Iron Condors (IC), Bull Put Spreads (BUPS) and Bear Call Spreads (BCS). It will take most of the weekend to go through this and not sure if I can go through everything, but this will give me better guidelines on how to more effectively trade these.

As mentioned in my last entry, I would like to get some candidates of compression patterns and set up brackets to get these ready for breakouts.

The weather is really gorgeous here and my kids and I have been spending a lot more time outdoors, as I also have many things going on. Hopefully after taxes are all caught up, things will be better, but then, by that time, it will probably be the holiday season and more things to do.

Patience in trading and it's important to not force trading. That's it for now. Back to my learning.
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