Charts: AMZN, FCX, GME, MA

AMZN: This looks like it's heading into bearish divergence and trading in a fairly small trend trading range.

FCX: It looks like the $112 is a resistance level for this and is trading into an ascending wedge. So, I set brackets for the breakout. If you're in a bullish position, I'd probably set my stop just below the wedge trend line, but frankly, if it hits the $112 area, I'd actually tighten my stop and get out, then I'd rebracket and get back in again. That's just me, though.

GME: You can see the chart as to how to play this. It's in a good upward trend and the targets are on the chart.

MA: It's up against a trend resistance for a few days now. This is a good opportunity to bracket this line and to let the stock tell you what direction to take.

If I were in for a bullish position, I'd be careful. The stop is on my chart. It's in indecision as well as compression (some).
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