Where and What?

Okay, you're probably thinking, what have I been doing the past 2 days.

Yesterday I attended a field trip with my daughter's 2nd grade class to the firestation. The Phoenix area is sooo hot right now and we were outside for part of the time and that wiped me out. I did go workout, spend time reviewing trading materials, etc and spend time with my kids.

Today, I ran errands such as working on my health insurance stuff, getting medical records, making appointments, getting more tax stuff together. Almost done with this, minus 2 more things to receive. Plus, I met with my accountability partners.

My accountability partners are ordering that I stop trading and go get a real job, put my children in daycare, and basically saying I'm living in sin and they are fearful for me. In all frankness, I am not fearful in my trading rather very methodical. I do and have learned a great deal. They say my trading is gambling, a crap shoot.

They've also said the bottom line isn't good and I am to cease trading, to provide for my children and constantly interject "fear" into what I'm doing. They said I'm addicted and prideful about what I'm doing. As I seek God in this, I truly do not think or believe I am prideful in my trading. In fact, the market has caused me to be quite humble, as I realize I'm not even a player or participant, rather just a spectator.

Trading is about going with the flow, managing your risk, having discipline, knowledge, and the skills necessary to make it. Can I make it and earn a living at trading? My 2 accountability partners say No. Granted, I did take some huge costs on Monday, but aside from that, this summer I have been profitting.

Do I need to go out and get a real job so they pay me piddly amounts of money, put my children in daycare so they don't get to see me, work at a job and for someone whom I'm miserable for, and watch my health further deteriorate. My health overall has gotten better, inspite of the things happening in my marriage. I appear younger than I do than the years of working in a profession I was good at, but did not enjoy.

To go back and work for someone doing what I hate just for the sheer fact to make a few bucks. I've shown it is possible to make enough in a short amount of time to cover my expenses for the month in one day or even one week. I love trading and it's not work.

Yes, there have been adjustments to our lives, but my kids have had their father abandon them, and then now, I'm being asked by my accountability partners to work at something I hate. At what point do you say you quit trading and go get a job working for someone else?

Their expectation is that you make money right off the bat with this, or at least how I understand them. I've gotten formal trading education for basically 2 yrs and feel that I am a good trader. I'm still learning when to trade and not to trade. Many of the issues many traders have, trying to outsmart the market, etc., those are not my issues anymore. Many things that would wipe out a trader, I no longer have those habits. And, the things I'm reading about good traders, I have many of those qualities.

So at what point am I supposed to give up my dreams and listen to people who don't own their own businesses or have someone else provide for them? Yes, I'm taking steps every day to be organize and to organize areas of my life that are not. I'm cleaning house, so to speak and getting rid of things in my life that serve no purpose to help me grow in the direction that is needed. So, where do I draw the line and give up on my dreams?
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