You're probably wondering what the heck I'm doing, eh? Not posting a lot. I continue to practice and get my mind in gear.

I've had a lot of things going on and if I cannot keep track of my trades diligently, I don't want to be trading when I do not have access during market hours. The weather is just starting to be reasonable, so I want to spend time with my children, as they have been patient with a scorching summer.

Tomorrow is also another busy day of errands. I really thought I would have more time not doing my engineering, but in a sense, I have less time now, or at least it's scattered. In trading, I want to make sure my trades are good, with good execution. If I have too many things going on, that can be detrimental for me. So, it's best to let those things settle down until I can fully concentrate.

Today I will look for some stocks with the ones I trade as well as new ones that have good entries.

Many stocks look similar to the $SPX, which looks sort of like a Mat Hold or a Rising 3. I am trading cautiously these days as I do not know when volatility will spike back up.
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  1. Mike G Says:

    I hear what you're saying. It's tough to post regularly on a blog and still trade effectively and have a life.

    One tool that has helped me a great deal lately is Investor's Business Daily, their Top 100 stocks. It highlights the sort of powerful momentum stocks that are required for smaller options traders like ourselves to make money. I've got some SNHY and ACM, which are IBD picks and really rockin today. Cheers and good luck with your trading.

  2. Doris V Says:

    Hi AlphaMike,

    Thanks. I used to subscribe to eIBD for years, but I've found it wasn't very helpful for me and this year I allowed my subscription to lapse, though, they keep calling me.

    I do have scans and they have more stocks than one could possibly trade, even the very cream of the crop ones, often there are still too many for a person to reasonably trade.

    In my blog, I wanted to give a variety of possible other trades, or at least have people papertrade them to get an idea to see how accurate I am or not

    I tend to go for high priced stocks that have a lot of momentum that move quickly and a lot. This can be scary for some traders, and I'm attempting to keep that in mind as I post.

    The concepts of how I trade high priced, fast moving stocks is similar for more moderate priced fast moving stocks.

    Welcome to my blog,

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