$SPX vs. $VIX

The heavy dark yellow line represents the $VIX and the candles are the $SPX. We can see when volatility is low, the $SPX remains bullish, however, over the past 2 months, volatility has been erratic and higher as the $SPX falls. Right now, it's at another indecisive moment.

Volumes are decreasing. The highs aren't quite as high and it's compressing into a wedge, at least that's what hit looks like to me. Pressure is building and momentum is fizzling out (not shown). So, I have my brackets set to allow for triggering of either the upside or downside. It's probably waiting until the FOMC to report. Yes, that's a rather big bracket, but so what? Anything in between is not worth for me to play as I don't feel like being whipsawed in there. Let them figure out what they want to do and I'll join in when they do.
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