Confirmation of the uptrend occurred when the midpoint of the W was broken through. Nearest target is 38.

This stock has not been in existence for very long. See the horizontal lines for possible areas of hesitation or reversal.

Both these stocks look very bullish. Avg daily volumes on SNHY are rather low at 160K and ACM is fine at 730K.

Both these stocks are not big price movers relative to higher priced stocks. Though, both stocks do move and have decent moves that are relative to the stock. Patterns are nice. However, with the less expensive stocks, I've found that I need to buy more options, which means more commissions. If I can get away with buying a few options and making nearly the same amount of money in a shorter period of time, I'm thinking why would I want to risk more capital, taking longer amounts of time for the move, and spending more in commissions?

Just something to think about.
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