Momentum Scan

As I ran my momentum scan, it came up with lots of stocks. So, I narrowed it down to those above $100. Did not go through all 23 that came up. Nor, will I display the charts. I'll let you take a look for yourself on your own charts to see what you can identify.

Most Negative Cashflow (for 9/17/07)
- SPY (compressing into a wedge - up entry @ 149.50, down entry @ 147.40)
- GS (this actually looks like it's at support & could bounce up)
- AAPL (this has been compressing into an ascending wedge - up entry @ 140, down entry @ 137.25)
- OIH (looks similar to AAPL, ascending wedge - up entry @ 186.40, down entry @ 182)
- BSC (not sure I really see a good entry point here)

Most Positive Cashflow (for 9/17/07)
- BIDU (already looked at this previous entry)
- LVS (with 5 days strongly moving up, it could go for one more day, but I'd be careful as the last time it did this, it pulled back 100% of its move.)
- DE (it's nearing a resistance, which signals caution to me, but that's a few bucks away)
- WYNN (I see 147-148 as resistance, caution)
- PH (this actually looks like it's at resistance. Indicators are mixed in bullish & bearish)
- CMI (this looks like an upward slanted triple bottom; indicators look bullish, but we will see)
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3 Responses
  1. da2rth Says:

    GS...takes out the 50 and 200MA on good volume. tremendous move after FOMC announcement (8 points). Very bullish here. Check out the similar candle on 4/16/07. The next day was a small doji...then a 15 point move. Watch tomorrows action specifically around 2:45PM to consider going long. $189.50 would be a nice stop. :-)

  2. da2rth Says:

    AAPL...still has a gap 9/7 - 9/10. may need to fill before going long. :-)

  3. Doris V Says:

    I'll have some brackets placed for tomorrow.

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