I've had a host of things to do today and just have not had a chance to really sit down and record all that stuff here in my blog. Will get up early to do this and for right now, as a commitment to myself, I'm going to bed early after I clean up my house some.

For those reading, sorry about that.

The trades I'm in for tomorrow already are: BIDU, MA, RIG, RIMM, CME, GOOG - all calls. I was basically playing breakouts.

I got out of RIMM, AAPL, and CMI today as my stops were triggered.

I liked Allan's exit at $44.10 as opposed to my $40. At $44.10, I still would've had a profit and knowing news was coming out with AAPL, my stop should've been much tighter. That is a lesson that cost me a few hundred dollars. I may not be able to post this until the weekend, my stats.

There are too many things that need attending to in the next 2 days.

My stops are determined for each of my positions and I will have them entered into the brokerage before opening.

There is another commitment I'm making to myself for myself and that is to have the body and health I want. A part of that is being consistent in certain areas of my life that I have not been. My overall habits of exercise, healthy eating and living are already there, but the key is consistency.

Next year, in March, I'll be 40. I've had this goal to get to 15% bodyfat for several years now and periodically do make progress and then I come back to my setpoint. Enough is enough. No more excuses. Life will always have "stuff" going on as long as there is life. I must become a great manager of interference and not allow them to deter me from my goals.

The challenge is to get consistent good quality and enough sleep, eat small frequent, healthy meals with the right macronutrient ratio, drink water through the day, get exercise every day in moderation, stay focused & not stress over things. I just need to do this every day and not get fanatical about any one thing to allow that to derail me.

Goal is to be in bed by 10 pm every night and up by 5 am. That gives me 7 hrs. Trade or do trading work from 6:30 am - 1 pm. When the DST switches it will be 7:30 am - 2 pm. Go workout at the gym. Pick up kids from school & spend time with them. Put them to bed. Spend the last 2 hrs on more trading work and have a little unwind time.

Allan, good job on getting out of AAPL at 44.10.
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  1. da2rth Says:

    Hi Doris...
    I'm glad you posted this and shared your near term life goals. After checking out your beautiful family for the first time, I was going to say something...but, it would of been un-appropriate without sounding like some weirdo stalker kind. :-) But...with this post, I would like to share my thoughts.

    I believe you are a great trader. Period. Full-time trading is tough. Full-time dancing with any gorilla is also tough. Rest...breaks....time is needed to celebrate the victories...recharge the mind...and simply enjoy life. With that said, how much $$$ do you really need? What is your yearly goal? Monthly? Weekly?

    What if you made your weekly goal in one day? Do you trade and/or work the other 4 days? What if you made your yearly goal in one month? Do you trade and/or work the other 11 months?

    Life is short. Trading is just a tool to make $$$. You only have one chance in time to see your family grow-up. With trading, there will always be another trade. You have the power to make and manage your choices. Your post is a great attempt to re-evaluate what is really important to you. Defining and re-defining one's self is necessary to a productive life.

    I'm just passing on this on to you from my own personal life experiences.

    You are a great even greater mother!!!

    Hope this makes sense. :-)

  2. Doris V Says:

    Good Morning Allan,

    Thanks for explaining about the stalker thing. I have had one person that has stalked me and still does, but I know you're not him.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I've spent a lot of time learning from my mistakes and getting formal education on my trading. It has consumed me greatly, but I love it. It's one of my passions, other than God, my kids, health/fitness and people.

    In response to your other questions. How much do you really need. Relative to many people probably reading this blog, though I am self-employed and having to pay for things like health insurance 100%, I need less to live on than I did working as an engineer.

    Sometimes in trading, in one day I've made my monthly expenses & living. Do I continue to trade? Yes. I love trading.

    I believe with good trading, the profits do come. Good trading isn't developed overnight and my "learnings" have cost me a lot, so now I'm more apt to listen and to see what my source is.

    Ryan Litchfield has been an invaluable source for me, as well as Markay Latimer, in helping me understand enough about the market to make a living at this.

    Making my goal quickly does not mean that I stop trading. If I have other stuff going on, yes, I'll stop trading for the interim as I did when my husband surprised with with life changing things. There I did have to take a lot of time off trading to get my head screwed back on correctly and get a lot of help.

    Some people only trade for the money. It's more than that for me because though it is work, it also seems like play to me. Many nights before I go to bed, I read something about some inspirational trader or something. Of course, that gets me all excited and sometimes it's a challenge to fall asleep.

    Trading has brought out every conceivable emotion I've ever had and learning how to manage those emotions has made me a much better person. I used to be a total control freak, needing to be right.

    Needing to be right in the market can cost you everything. Of course, you do need to be right and you do need to get out when your wrong as quickly as possible or trade whatever your defined plan is before you entered the trade.

    Yes, life is short. I left engineering so I could spend the time with my children and now I get to live my dream to do that. I'm learning to be a more balanced person. One can have balanced passion, if that makes sense.

    Keep posting. I'd love to hear your thoughts on things.

    Bless you,

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