I'm going to be changing the format of the blog. Going to begin looking at other stocks in addition to the ones I trade. If there is a stock that you'd like me to look at, then let me know. I'll post charts and begin discussions on those charts of what I see. I'm also going to change some of which stocks I trade, to just get a different variety of things.

The rest of this week there will be little blogging and I'll resume this more next week. Thank you for your patience.
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  1. da2rth Says:

    BZP...long term for your IRA and/or kid's college fund. have a nice weekend.

  2. Debbie Davis Says:

    Hi Doris,
    Although I don't leave comments, I really enjoy reading your blog. I think it's difficult when you trade, as it's not treated as a job by most people, and it's very difficult to do it well when your head is in a million places. I've also been trying to get out of nursing and just trade, but I have 4 children and my mother has been going through chemotherapy, and it doesn't seem like I can focus for very long without committing to other obligations. Your writing is so down to earth and honest. I wanted to suggest another awesome blog, it's It's written by Jeff Kohler who is a great Investools instructor, and there is tons of worthwhile educational information, Jeff's view of the market and different stocks, entertainment, plus constant priceless banter between traders. It's a great community! Best of luck in your trading career.

  3. Doris V Says:

    Hi Debbie,

    Thank you so much. I can totally relate as I transition from what I had to what is now. Things often do not go as planned. Just like today. I was incredibly wiped out from yesterday and this morning.

    Though I got more than I thought done yesterday, today, got none of my trading work done and am not prepared to trade tomorrow. Perhaps it's just as well and to wait until the FOMC on the 18th.

    There are still a lot of errands for me to run tomorrow, but after that, I should be good to go.

    I will check out the blog you suggested. My writing is more based on the journey to get to where I want, even though I am trading full-time.

    The things I'm doing are to get my mind clear enough for trading, attending to life things, and living my dream. Please feel free to comment whenever. It is encouraging to read other's comments.

    Bless you,

  4. Doris V Says:

    Hi Allan,

    Thank you for that. I typically do not like trading stocks that are that low in price. And, I'm not a long-term trader, even for IRAs or college funds. For these, I would tend to do spreads like Iron Condors, Bull Put or Bear Call Spreads.

    My weekend was a good one. Very productive yesterday and today got some rest in the afternoon, though, no trading work done.

    Did you have a good weekend?

    Bless you,

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