Closed Positions - So Far (9/4)

I took profits on 4 positions today. Though futures were slightly down, most of my positions were in the positive. My stops (hard stops and trailing stops) were set from last Friday.

Did not expect BCSI to move as it did, so it was a pleasant surprise for this to occur. BIDU move was also very nice and it has just lingered and took profits on 2 positions. One was an automatic trailing stop in one account. In the other account, I was watching what was happening and manually took myself out, in case it felt like retracing more. If need be, I'll jump back in as it pulls back. AAPL was very similar to BIDU, but since I had more contracts here, I scaled out of my trade by getting out of 3 contracts and leaving 2 on the table - just in case it took off again. If it reversed, then I would get out.

So far, profits for BCSI, partial AAPL (3), and 2 BIDU positions are:

Capital = $6447.80
Profit = $2638.52
ROI = 41%

All these were taken within the first 1.5 hrs of market open, then I took my kids to school and am now re-evaluating my positions for more entries.

It was a very nice move on BCSI where I got out about $1 of the stock price from its highs and it's pulled back 100% of it's move as of the writing of this. I almost got back in, but wanted to wait for it to have at least 1 full 5 min. candle above the 10 EMA and it did not. It almost looked like a good entry point near $85 @ 12:10 pm EST, but it's dropped another $1 since then. Glad I did not get in and will wait for it to bottom out before getting in again. It would've been a nice move to do on the downside, but I wasn't sure if it was just pulling back slightly or doing what it did. It was best for me to stay out.

This is an update now at 1:20 pm EST.

I misentered my order for CME. It should've said if it goes above $556, stop me out. Instead I had BELOW $556. Duh. This cost me about an extra $100, but it still would've been a cost. My intuitiveness was correct on this and I'm glad I listened. Too bad I messed up the electronic order. An easy mistake, but need to double check between my bearish and bullish positions that I have the right direction.

Capital = $7700.75
Profit = $2182.20
ROI = 28%

It looked like it was going to drop some more, so I decided to pull profits off the table with the remainder 2 contracts left of AAPL. Looks like I got out too soon. That's fine. Took profits of 62% on a little over 24 hrs of trading, not bad.

Capital = $8665.93
Profit = $2784.49
ROI = 32%

Closed on my other AAPL trade that had 5 contracts of the Sep135C.

Capital = $11,855.68
Profit = $5,929.99
ROI = 50%
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2 Responses
  1. da2rth Says:

    you have an interesting trading style. Congrats on AAPL. Beautiful kids. check out GRMN.

  2. Doris V Says:

    Hi Allan,

    Thanks. It's called Bracket Trading. I'll post some charts of GRMN and what I see.

    Thank you regarding my kids and AAPL. I'm back into AAPL again.

    Bless you,

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