I've either given or been in classes for many hrs today and am still in class right now as I type this. I apologize for not sharing my trades the past couple days. It's been nuts.

Some of my stops nearly got triggered, but did not yet. I had some good thoughts on the $SPX which transpired as to what I saw. IF I have time, I will share what these are.

In the meantime, I'm still in calls for all my trades - 6 of them.

Tomorrow my day also looks pretty busy, so at best, I will be posting my stats on Saturday sometime and hopefully will attach charts. It's been a crazy market.

If anyone ever wants to see how I trade and wants to get with me, write a comment or email me and we'll schedule a time. Can't do this a lot, but periodically I can do this and would be willing to, if you're real nice (LOL) and if it doesn't impede my trading. You must have a microphone that works, speakers, high speed internet access, Yahoo IM or Skype, and I use to do desktop sharing.

Today I did get a chance to go to the gym and do some walking and that's 3 times this week. Yippee!!! I remembered to eat and still working on the sleep. Good intentions to go to bed by 10 pm last night, which I did, but wasn't sleepy and ended up getting up for awhile and by that time, it was after midnight. Sigh.

Learning in this market, take profits when it gives it to you. Keep tighter stops.
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