Busy Week

This is a new week. The weekend is behind me and I'm not looking back.

Monday's and Friday's Sean is home with me, so often it's a challenge to be totally focused on my trading, as he consumes my time and energies.

This week my daughter has some extra stuff from the norm like a dental appointment, field trip, and I have my own errands to run to finish up my health insurance application - running around getting stuff. Tues & Wed morning I will not be at the computer much during trading hrs.

My goal is to get out of all my September options preferably as soon as possible, but really, before the end of the week due to the time value being sucked out of my options.

I'd like to say I'm going to do a lot of blogging this week, but it will be sparingly. Wanted to really catch up last weekend, but that didn't happen. Next week, my schedule looks far less busy, so I should return to normal then. Any positions I get into (new ones) will begin looking at October options.
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