A part of my own trading is I had gone for about 3 weeks with no costing trading (I think) and then Friday I took 5 costs and 1 cost on Monday). I am going to take today (at least) to get resituated in my trading, as I also took some time off on the weekend to analyze my trades.

All businesses have costs, but you cannot continue in that realm and expect to be successful.

I continue to work to manage my finances, keeping those things in order which are already in order that way, and continue to work on my IRS paperwork. I have set a goal to have all my paperwork as well all the information the accountant and IRS needs (no, I'm not being audited) by next Tuesday (8/21).

Learning to adapt as a single parent with little to no help has been a huge adjustment with 2 young childen who demand a lot of attention. My children are a part of my joy and I gladly do these things for them, but often this leaves me with less time than I'd like for my trading, so I must learn to be more efficient when I do have the time to work on trading. Afterall, it IS a business.

Daily I do get up and do things as if I was going to a job outside my house. I am working on a mutual beneficial schedule where I get my kids to bed earlier so they get the sleep they need and I am able to work in peace & quiet. Periodically, I will have a motivational sermon going on. Lately I added Keith Moore to that. I also listen to Joel/Victoria O'Steen & Joyce Meyer. These are all Christian Bible-based teachers/preachers.

Plus, I also subscribe to a weekly audio thing that provides me with motivational/inspirational speakers like Zig Ziglar, Bob Proctor, John Maxwell, Loral Langemeier, Chris Widener, Dr. David Cook and a host of other speakers. I believe I have probably nearly 70 different audios, as I've subscribed to the for over a year.

Trading can sometimes be lonely, if you're a people person such as myself. You get a lot of time to yourself to be with your thoughts, and if things are or are not turning in your favor, you can find yourself in some dangerous mindsets. These people that come into my home via the internet are resources with which ground me, remind me who I am, and where I want to go.

All my mornings start off with a quiet time with the Lord. I spend time reading/studying the Bible, in prayer to God, and if I remember, time in worship with love songs to Jesus. I've been doing this since I was about 10 yrs old. This has become a ritual, but not so ritualistic that it's boring and mundane, rather it's that 1:1 time with God that is solely His time with me, our time to share. Though we can pray at any time, this time is devoted to God.

God is the source of my provision in everything, including the stock market. He allows me to see things perhaps others do not and make right choices in my trades. Sure, I do a lot of practicing and doing, which helps enable me, but it's really God who gives the increase. He helps me to learn from my profitable and costing trades. He certainly has humbled my own mindset regarding the stock market and it's come with quite a bit of pain. But, I'm learning.

Realistically, as I've looked at some of the other options or trading blogs, I have no idea how they manage to put such extensive information on a frequent basis, but I, for one, do not have the time to do all that. I'm sorry. I will share as much information as possible with you all, but I need to spend the time doing, being mommy to my children, and attend to the everyday affairs to ensure the success of my family. So, please bear with me.

Trading is a passion of mine and now my life. Maybe as I learn to be even more efficient with my life, I will be able to provide information in a more succinct manner to enable others. May God bless each of your days in such an abundant way as He is already doing with mine.
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