Tax Work

I have most of the stuff to the accountant minus a few things which I will gather in the next few days and give all that stuff to him when I get the stuff. So, that is a huge relief and now I can better focus on trading.

As for today, Saturday, my son who will be turning 4 yrs old tomorrow, is going to another friend's swim party in an hr with his sister. Afterwards, we are going to a swim potluck going away party for 2 families. That will be a sad occasion, but celebrating with them their new moves out of state.

If I'm not too tired, I will be working on stock stuff, looking for more trades.

Tomorrow is church, Sean's 4th birthday. One of his aunts & uncles will be taking him and his sister out for his birthday at lunch and then he'll be home so we can go out to celebrate as a family late afternoon/early evening.

My trades should be ready by Monday morning. My stops are in place.
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