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What have I done today?

I did make money on AAPL and was going to take profits on CME and RIMM also today, but my criteria wasn't met, so I'm still in those positions. Am also in BIDU and LEH.

Don't have time to go into details there, but I spent most of the morning on the phone, getting necessary things straightened out (and there is a lot). If organizing is a trait of yours and you love to be this way, that's fantastic. As a person that loves to experiment, deal in theory and loves to look at the big picture, more creative (yes, a former engineer is creative), administration or micro-managing (as I so see it) is not my cup of tea.

However, oddly enough, I do love the details of actually trading, which deals in charts. Perhaps it's the visual thing of charting that I love so much. If it was just all numbers without patterns & pictures, I'm not sure if I would love trading. Early in life, I started playing the piano (at age 4) and music has always been a love of mind. In my head, I hear and see patterns of things. Music & trading are both very artistic.

Okay, back to reality. On the phone sorting through things was not fun, but much of this afternoon, when I wasn't doing mom duty, has been spent going through paperwork, lots and lots of paperwork. Would you like a picture? Probably not going to provide this, as I don't really feel like taking one, though, for the sake of progress, this might be a good idea.

The thing here is to get things down to specific accounts chronologically ordered so I can se where I am. My husband who has since moved out, has decided he has no responsibility in any of this, though it was his job through the past 4 yrs to maintain and organize our paperwork, as he worked from home.

Now having spent weeks and now there is this sense of urgency to do this, I have decided that this all needs to be done with our without his help financially, legally or otherwise. Yes, not a good situation to be in, but instead of having some pity party, gotta rise up and take the bull by the horns (or give a big bear hug). No puns intended. LOL.

Rather than procrastinate, this week I will get ALL my financial paperwork in order, get all my stuff to the accountant to help me, and setup a system that I can manage and live with that will ensure that I can be successful. I must assess where I am before I know where I can go.

God can't deliver to chaos.

One of the aspects of success, from what I can tell, is the areas I am successful in, I am highly organized in those areas.

Earlier this summer, I went through and decluttered, organized most of my home, going through each cabinet, closet, over things, under things, getting rid of things that no longer served a purpose, and really creating much more empty space in my home. Things are now visually organized and aesthetically pleasing. AND, daily I maintain this organization in my home with my kids, enlisting for their participation. This has drawn and given me much better relationship with them and more peace overall in our household (inspite of the turmoil in my marriage).

Earlier this year, I had greatly gone through a lot of paperwork and sent bags and bags to be shredded to the shredders. Though there is still a lot of paperwork that I'm working on now, it's a different aspect than what I was working on before.

What I noticed in each of those timeframes, my trading got better as I "organized" for success and decluttered, getting rid of things that are no longer necessary. Maybe psychologically there is a freeing up, such as the Law of Vacuum. Nature abhors a vacuum. Which has allowed me so much more to receive from the market.
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