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There is so much information out there and with regards to stocks and options, I have barely scratched the surface. There is something much different now, though. Is it necessary to know all that I want to know, or, is what I do know good enough and continually learn, without going into some great frenzy?

As I look at my blog compared to some of the other trading blogs out there, it seems like I'm a very small fish in this vast ocean of knowledge and expertise. My goal is to share what I know about the market and how I use it to make money. As my tendency is to make things so complicated, it causes me to be petrified and unable to move. So, there must be this point that causes one to be able to take action.

What I've found that works for me is to really keep things simple. Do I read a ton of news? No. But, I do do some reading. Mainly I focus on charting. Though Tim Knight uses log scale, the arithmatic scale has worked amazingly well for me. I'm consistently making money and keeping my costs down, so I see now reason to fix something that isn't broken. Though I have read the majority of his latest book, it's shared with me how to better use the Prophet charts, which is not what I mainly use for my charting. My preferences are Extreme Charts by Genesis and eSignal. I do love the option charting features of the Prophets from Think or Swim or with BrokersXpress, but the charting maneuverability in Extreme Charts is far easier for how I like to chart.

Do what works for you and unless I find that what I'm doing isn't working, I'm just going to stick to it.

My life is very complicated right now and so as long as I continually learn and apply what I learn in a way that is sustainable for me and works, then I'll keep doing it. Honestly, I have no clue how Tim or other traders who have dozens of positions on at the same time, do it well. They are the gurus and I am not.

So, if you're looking for some complicated explanation about gamma, beta, delta, option pricing, economic reports, blah, blah, blah...that isn't going to be from me. There are plenty of those sites. What I will share are my trades, how I manage my risk, the discipline I need, and basically what I do to make money.

For now, I don't have the million dollar trading account, but I will eventually get there. So, one step at a time and let's see where this takes us.
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