Log Scale

This site (http://www.incrediblecharts.com/technical/trendlines.htm) sort of explains simply more about the use of log vs arithmetic scales. It makes sense.

At Tim's suggestion, I ordered his book and should get it by Wednesday. I love Amazon's 2-day shipping a lot. It was worth the $79 subscription fee/year. Wow, 410 pages? He basically swears by log scales, so let's see if this can improve my trading even more.

I use the Prophet Charts on Think or Swim (TOS), but it's not just anywhere as easy as Extreme Charts (EC). However, EC is not easy to draw trendlines in how I draw them on the arithmetic scale. Prophet allows me to do the parallel lines on a log scale, but maneuvering around is sort of a bear for me. Haven't tried on eSignal.

Since I so highly respect Ryan, I put in an email to him regarding this topic. Hopefully he'll respond within a week or so.

My trading IS working for me consistently for more than a year now. I'm almost under the premise of not fixing something that isn't broken. HOWEVER, I am open to suggestions. Changing from arithmetic to log is a huge foundational thing, though.
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  1. maverick Says:

    The charm, honesty and detail are appreciated. Good luck to you.

  2. Doris V Says:

    Hi Maverick,

    Thank you. I've never heard someone use the word charm with me, but thank you.

    Probably many of the things I write, many different people can relate to. I write with humbleness, because life and the market has greatly humbled me.

    I'm still in the game and plan on being in it for very long.

    Bless you,

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