This week the only economic report worth mentioning is the FOMC. The rest, as Ryan would deem, are C/D rated items. If I know Ryan well enough, he'd probably say that in a week where there is not a lot of news, we get raw sentiment of the traders, how they really feel about the market without anything significant driving the market.

The basic jist of the FOMC from what I can tell is that nothing much has changed, so the market breaths a sigh of relief. Good, we can get on with business.

How does the market feel? Bullish. Yes, not something Tim likes to hear.

The swings in the market are highly volatile and have been making big swings.

I haven't been taken out of my positions yet and ended up getting back into to AAPL when it bounced off intraday support of $133ish. Set a contigent entry for $135 for Aug135C - 2. Small position and I expect to be out sometime this week. Not paying a whole lot in time value for ATM.

The market is certainly interesting. Watched a little this morning, but had mommy duty to do and more organizing of things. One thing I am learning since I see a pattern here with myself is to keep things as simple as possible. No need to have lots and lots of accounts, unless you have someone managing them and an accountant to help you. As I'm looking at all the various accounts we have, it really is very incredible that we opened so many of them.

One of the things I'm learning is the words I use to myself are very powerful, so I will pay special attention to watch my language, as I do not want to be instilling or reinforcing negative mindsets in myself.
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