Today I took costs in a number of positions:

- AAPL Aug135C

- LEH Sep60C

- BIDU Aug230C (from my balloon strangle)

- RIMM Aug230C

- CMI Sep100P

This hurt today. For the week, however, I am still profitable. The CMI was accidental. I placed a continengent order that if it got above a certain price that I would be out of it. Typed in the wrong thing and hit send and my position got filled immediately below my contingent, about $2 away. Glad that happened as it's now $1 above it.

There are still 2 positions left over from my balloon strangles on AAPL and BIDU, but they are not worth closing as closing would cost me more than the positions are worth. If anything happens to them, great, otherwise, those are just 2 other costs that I already anticipated.

I do have one contingent order that has not been filled. That's RIMM below $205.10 to be in for Sep190P. Downside Target = $166 to fill the gap. RIMM usually fills most of its gaps. Indicators (MACD, RSI, Momentum, AMA, and below the 20 EMA) all show bearish.

That order is already in place and I have nothing else going on today. It's been one heck of a week and my trading is done for today at 8:30 am (market closes at 1 pm). I'm going to spend some time with my son, go to a yoga class, enjoy my children, and work on IRS paperwork for the remainder of the day.

This weekend I will get centered and be ready to trade again on Monday.
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