CME (Aug570C)

Here was the option pricing for the CME option I had, Aug570C. I didn't get in at the lowest point, nor did I get out at the highest price. I missed about $4 on the entry and about $10 on the exit, meaning I left $1400 on the table. That's another 118% that I left, but that's okay.

One of the things was this morning, I did sort of feel anxious. When you do, you need to just take your trade off the table. My target of 607ish and 611 were both correct. But, because it hesitated at 600, that made me quite nervous.

What I could've done was put a $0.50 trailing stop on the bid. That probably would've taken me out around 38-40. Oh well. Next time I will be calmer.


Today the S&P is down and so are my positions minus CME. Everything looks like it's pausing, so I will be patient.
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