Closed Positions

I wanted to take some profits today on a couple stocks I would normally let ride. These were RIMM and AAPL. I have 2 trades for each going on these, so that's fine. My CMI contingency to the upside got triggered, as well as my LEH got its protective stop triggered.

Of the 4 positions:

Capital = $7818.60
Profit = $1777.80
ROI = 22.7%

The LEH was a break even trade. CMI, RIMM, and AAPL were both basically 1 day trades (profits taken in about a 24-hr time period) and I'm very happy with the returns. Of course, it did help with the market gapping up, as well as AAPL and RIMM gapping up. CMI did a great job just being very bullish today, minus at the end, so this may look like a nice bearish trade for Tues, though, I will rebracket and let the stock tell me.
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